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Broadwater Down Primary School, Tunbridge Wells

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Broadwater Down Primary School is a small school with 110 pupils, situated on the south side of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Our school provides a rich learning environment which engages pupils in their own learning experience, celebrating their individuality and empowering them to achieve their true potential. We have a talented and committed team of staff who work hard to ensure all lessons are inspirational, challenging and creative. A desire and determination to motivate a love of learning and to provide the best possible outcomes for all pupils is at the heart of everything we do. Working alongside us, we have a committed and active governing body and PTA who are visible throughout the working life of the school. At Broadwater Down Primary School we strive to achieve high standards and improve in all areas year on year. Our pupils reach or exceed national expectations in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of year 6 and attainment is constantly improving. We were very proud that our pupils made the best progress across Key Stage 2 in the local area in 2012. Find out more

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